Monday, April 21, 2008

Lessons From a Five-Year Old

Over the weekend, I visited some college friends in Pittsburgh. I met up with one of my close friends, a mother of two who had an extra kid in tow (babysitting for a neighbor).

The extra kid was named Dora. She was 5 and just as precocious as Dora the Explorer. For some reason, the forces of attraction were working and we instantly became friends. In fact, it was her proclamation ("I made a new friend!"). She wanted me to hold her hand, take her around a campus festival and not leave her side. We bonded within a course of minutes. I had no expectation of this at all (My intent was just to spend quality time catching up with my friend), but I could feel the connection between me and Dora, despite the clear difference in age and mental and physical capababilities.

This goes to show that law of attraction is not limited to adults. This is not an "adults-only" concept. A vibrational connection can occur with all living things - peers, elders, children, pets and all things growing.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Power of Visualization

I can't think of a better example of how visualization will help you manifest your desires than that of Julia. Julia is a law of attraction contemporary and she has the most remarkable story of how she used visualization techniques to manifest her goals.

Julia had always wanted to live on a boat. She found a picture of a blond woman in a red coat holding two bottles of champagne in front of a boat. Julia always kept that picture in her mind's eye.

After a year of using law of attraction, Julia became that woman in the picture and bought her own boat. The irony is that Julia is blonde and happened to be wearing that red coat on her boat when her boyfriend made the connection between between the picture and Julia. Absolutely amazing. What's more amazing is that, as Vanessa noted at our April first Friday meet-up, that there's something very powerful in being able to mainfest a boat! in less than one year. Brava Julia!

I think everyone should find pictures or drawings of what they desire and post them on a "vision board", maybe near your kitchen so you constantly see it or near your desk if you happen to be in front of a computer. Just like a gratitude journal, a vision board is another tool to help manifest your desires and elevate your emotion.