Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Energizing Your Home

Law of attraction can pertain to any aspect of your life - health, money, relationships, work. But sometimes we forget about our own homes! When our households are in a state of disarray, chances are that the negative energy from our homes will permeate other aspects of your life. The home truly is where the heart is!

So if you are not happy with your current life situation, no matter if it's money, work, health, parents, spouse, etc. my suggestion is to start with you home first. If you make your home a place of peace and happiness, the energy from there will transcend to other facets of your life. I think Peter Walsh, the clutter expert, hit the nail on the head in his book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?. The chaos in your home will cause chaos in your life, pure and simple.

I say start with the home because I think it's the most easy place to start with change. You can do it yourself, it involves no investment in your part other than time, and it will make you feel good instantly, I promise. Here's how to start:

1. Start with the closets. If your material goods can't be hung or put in a proper storage bin (a pile under the bed does not count!), then you have to make space. Do not try to overload your home with things that do not fit in it. Your home won't like it. If it hasn't been worn in over a year, toss it (by "toss", I mean donate to charity or give to a friend, clothing swap, etc.). If it doesn't fit anymore, toss it, even if you think you'll get back your college body *someday*. Trust me, even if you do get back your college body, you're going to want new clothes anyway :-) If the item expensive, sell it on ebay or take it to a consignment shop and use the money in the ways I recommend below.

2. Next go on to books, appliances, toys etc. If there's no place to store it, abhor it!

3. Buy 1 feng shui book and use it to rearrange furniture in your home in accordance with it. A note about feng shui. Feng shui is the ancient eastern art of placement and energy alignment for the home to help bring positive energy flow to it and to you. A lot of feng shui deals with colors in your home. That's not something you should engage in right now. Let's just work with what you have. Simple furniture rearrangement can improve the energy in your home tremendously.

4. Buy a crystal and place it where your home needs the most help. For relationship issues, it's the bedroom. For money issues, it's the home office, etc. Your feng shui book will help you in this regard as well.

There are many other tips, but this is just a start. Just changing up your household here and there will create new energy. They say even moving your bed just a few inches to the right or left will create new energy.

So start with this :-)

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