Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Wrapped up in the Mundane

So, as you can see, we haven't been posting for a while. We're hoping to change that with new inspiration and energy towards this blog!

Personally, I had let myself get wrapped up in the mundane and I lost sight of the tenents that I have been pontificating about all along :-) I lost sight of my law of attraction principals and got caught up in the day to day grind. And what happened? I fell off my path! I lost sight of my dreams! I failed to manifest! Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my :-)

So what should you do if you fall off the law of attraction path? You can get back on the horse easily.

1. Recognize that you are not engaging in law of attraction. It's just a simple acknowledgement that you haven't been focusing your intentions purposefully throughout your day to day routine.

2. Take a deep breath. Tell yourself that although you may have abandoned your law of attraction principles, your life isn't over. In fact, it just begun a new :-)

3. Get back on the horse. Nothing in law of attraction can't be fixed. Start by revisting some chapters in a book that has helped you in the past. Do some affirmations. Review an old journal with your visions and dreams and reconnect with them.

4. Start anew. Create new dreams and visions. Chance are what you were intending to manifest 6 months ago or last year isn't the same as what you want now anyway. Create a new vision board. Do an energy cleansing of your home. Get some new books. Re-engage and re-charge!

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