Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A key component in using law of attraction is meditation. Every law of attraction book and pundit will tell you this.

Meditation is a sure-fire way to allow your mind to visualize your desires. It is a direct path to manifestation since you are lasering your mind directing on your thoughts, while blocking out all other interruptions.

I have never been particularly good a meditating. I don't have a lot of patience to begin with, so the thought of sitting quietly "doing nothing" does appeal to someone like me :-)

So how do you meditate when you've never done it, think it's silly, don't have the patience for it, or your home is too chaotic to do it in (kids and pets running around, cell phone always ringing, etc.)?

The thing that has helped me with meditation is actually meditating with a crystal (by "crystal" I mean a quartz crystal, not your crystal china or a bottle of "Cristal"). Find yourself a nice size crystal with some weight to it. It does not have to be expensive. You can get a nice sized rose quartz for under $10.

Crystals have energy just like we do. Simply sit indian style, holding the crystal in your lap. Close your eyes. The weight of the crystal will relax you and get you into a meditative state. Start thinking about your desires. Start invisioning. The crystal's energy will work with you. There are many varieties of quartz crystals that will work - tiger eye, onyx, amethist (expensive!), citrine, smoke quartz. They each have different properties.

You only have to do this for 1-2 minutes to get results. Two minutes is a long time. Set a timer if you want. Keep the crystal by your beside and do this right before you go to sleep. Do it with the covers over you as you lay in bed. Just 2 minutes before bed is all you need. That's all you need to start meditating and manifesting!

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