Monday, November 24, 2008

The Opposite of Desperation is Faith

I love this post from blogger MetaAlpha. He hits the nail on the head when he identifies that the opposite of desperation is faith.

In law of attraction, desperation is the enemy. When you come from a place of desperation, you will not attract what you desire. The only thing the universe hears out of desperation is fear and lacking. Desperately needing a job or desperately wanting a mate is a very low-level vibration because it is coming from a place of fear. The universe will pick up on the fear, and will attract more fear and desperation into your life.

So, I thought it was brilliant when MetaAlpha identified how to turn feelings of desperation around into feelings of faith. When you feel yourself being "desperate" about something, switch it to faith. For example:

Turn "I really need a job because I'm down to my last cent" to "I have faith that the proper job is coming my way!"

Or, "I feel lonely. I need a man, stat!" to "I have faith that my perfect mate is on his way to me."

This is such a easy tool to get yourself out of a place of fear and anxiety. Try it!

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